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Gabbeh Loribaft

176x237 cm
25 543 
Prodejní cena: 36 623 

Barvy koberce mohou z různých úhlů vypadat jinak.


Informace o kobercích Gabbeh Loribaft z Indie.

These beautiful carpets are knotted by nomads from the Qashqai and Luri tribes of south west Iran. The carpets are well known for their primitive and naive patterns, some with more modern designs. The nomads draw their inspiration from their surroundings, which provides unique, exciting carpets. They are similar to Gabbeh carpets, but these are more tightly knotted with a shorter pile.

Today they are also produced in India and Pakistan, with inspiration from the Persian varieties and of the same high quality. The wool is hand-spun, naturally dyed and of a high quality, which provides durable carpets that last. The warp in Persian carpets is usually wool, whereas cotton is used in Indian and Pakistani carpets. The carpets also sometimes contain silk elements. Loribaft is an extremely unique, beautiful carpet that really catches the eye in any home.

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