Jediný Ruční vázání Lesklá vlna / hedvábí

Nain 6La

150x230 cm
68 142 
90 570 
Prodejní cena: 128 894 

Barvy koberce mohou z různých úhlů vypadat jinak.

Nain 6La koberec z Persie / Írán.

This carpet is knotted in workshops in the city of Nain in central Persia, near Isfahan. The carpet is generally very light with a cream-coloured or deep-blue bottom colour and a large medallion in the centre. The high knot density and high class material makes these carpets of very high quality. Silk might occur and 6La means that three pairs of threads are used for every warp thread. They are manufactured in most sizes and the carpet is among the most beautiful in the world and very popular among collectors.

Read more about Nain carpets here...

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